Marriage – What’s the Point?

Dr. James and Cindi Runyon

Paul posed the question long ago if it was better to be married or to remain single. He preferred the latter. Why? Because, to him (and he stated it was his OWN opinion – not the Lord’s), it was far easier to focus on the task of following God’s call on your life if you remained as he was – single.

We, being happily/determinedly married, have a different (and just as valid) opinion. Marriage presents more opportunities than the single person can fathom to prove our faithfulness to God. Marriage often involves self-sacrifice to a degree single people never understand. Not only that, but a marriage dedicated to God presents to others the joy God desires for us to have with Him. We are, after all, the Bride of Christ.

Finally, marriage most often results in the production of little lives whom both parents (marriage partners) have the opportunity, responsibility and greatest privilege to care for and train up in the Lord. In other words, you get to make disciples…literally!

In this day and age when marriage is being redefined, taking a moment to understand the importance, value, and meaning of the first ordinance (sacrament) God created for us. We show His love as we learn to love, understand, put up with, admire, dedicate ourselves to, and stay faithful to our closet companion on earth – our mate.

Learn to love one another. Nothing requires more work (as Paul suggests), but no reward is equal to the joy, satisfaction and comfort that accompanies marriage.

Top Ten Ways to Make Your Spouse Happy

10 Ask her out on a date
9 Give her a hug – or a long hold
8 Do something special for her
7 Tell her how she’s beautiful
6 Always think the best of her
5 Talk with her – daily
4 Keep your word no matter what
3 Lead your family to walk with the Lord
2 Love your children
1 Love her as you love yourself

10 Serve him his favorite dessert
9 Smell nice
8 Help keep his home running smoothly
7 Always think the best of him
6 Save him money
5 Care for your children
4 Look pretty
3 Listen to him
2 Be available
1 Respect him

Nevertheless, each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself, and the wife must see to it that she respects her husband. ~ Ephesians 5:33

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  1. Thank you for posting this on your website. My husband and I have been married for 36 years. I am a nurse and right now I am at war with medicine. I became a nurse to serve Christ. My husband is also a nurse and we met at nursing school. He learned to cover for the Corporation or you will get fired. I learned doctors don’t save lives NURSES do. We went to the same school and had the same instructors. Our marriage is on the rocks and my beloved and I have grown old, sick and fat. He no longer finds me attractive and pays younger woman for sex. I feel lost and alone when he goes on vacation without me and usually gets nothing for my birthday or special holidays unless I buy it myself for myself. Everyone thinks we got in all and are the cutest couple (not). We put on quite a show when we are in front of others. I am not alone. They just choose, as most woman do, to shut up if we know what’s good for us. Once our husbands find the back door of no more better than real love making with his wife, its the end of the family in society

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