James and Cindi Runyon

runyon-cindi-james-sparkle-cropThe Runyons

James and Cindi met at a wedding as the Best Man and Maid of Honor and fell in love soon after. Because of their unique gifts, they work very well together.

James is a Pastor in New Mexico, Professor, Author, Multi-Engine Flight Instructor, and loves his daughter & sons, riding his Indian motorcycle and teaching others to fly planes, know, trust & serve God.

Cindi is active behind the scenes working on websites and in social media, teaching and training her children and investing herself in the lives of women. She loves yoga, natural health & exercise, and everything beautiful and inspiring.

The Runyons have four children ranging from the ages of 8 to 19 and are active writers. See our Amazon Author’s page.

Who writes what around here?
James writes Men of God and Bible Studies
Cindi writes Fun Stuff, Inspiration and sometimes for Bible Studies

Want to hear James Preach? Sermons here!

The Unpardonable Objective
Book One – The Unpardonable Objective is available anywhere books are sold.

Get it on Amazon here!

The Terminal Inception
Book Two – The Terminal Inception is available everywhere books are sold.

Get it on Amazon here!

Book Three – The Imperceptible Adjustment will be available by Christmas 2015!


  1. James and Cindy,

    Really enjoyed your book The Unpardonable Objective and am looking forward to the sequels. Hope you guys are doing well, we miss you guys at FVBC.

    Pat Whitley

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