Your Steps Will Follow Your Heart

Walk By FaithIsaiah 30:21 (19-26)
Whether you turn to the right or to the left,
you will hear a voice behind you, saying,
“This is the way; walk in it.”

I have always longed to follow Christ, although for years I was pretty certain that I failed most of the time.

Really, how often do you believe that the direction you are following is reliably from Him? I tried, but then I wondered if it was merely my own heart or thoughts that led me to that place of decision.

This mental tennis match of wanting to obey and then doubting whether I had plagued me. Until my Father showed me this.

I want to follow Him. He wants me to follow Him.

We are in agreement on that point. I know His Word as well as I am able to. He shows me the meaning of His Word to the extent that I can understand it.

Whether I know all the implications of each step I take or path I follow or direction I lean is unimportant. Just wanting and doing what I can in the moment to follow Him is sufficient.

This section of scripture in Isaiah is full of encouragement for the sin-worn nation who longed to return to the safety and peace of God’s will. When they wanted to follow Him again (instead of living in the pain of God’s loving discipline), He would guide their steps. As in, their steps would follow their hearts .

If you want to know Jesus. If you long to follow Him and Him only. If you struggle against your flesh and sin. Know that your desire to follow Him is being fulfilled with every step you take.

No matter which direction you choose – when your heart longs for Him – that is the way you should go. Do not fear His disapproval or condemnation. Do not fear the consequences of your path, unless you are willfully choosing sin. He knows your heart. And He will guide your steps.

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