What Makes a True Friend?

Cuppa TruthRecently, I discovered an old friend…who had a lot of new ideas.

As I listened to him I realized how far apart we had drifted in our idea of Truth.

I believe in Truth.

He believes in truth, when it fits his lifestyle and worldview. 

Wondering how to most effectively converse with this gentlemen, I asked him what had made the most difference in his life in recent years.

His response? “I see too many who say they believe in Truth, but show hatred, bitterness, selfishness in every area of their lives. My goal is to be as far away from two-faced people as possible.”

Feeling his pain, I smiled and asked about his family. He said he rarely sees them. I could tell it was a source of pain for him.

Instead of probing, though, about his current situation, I simply offered him some of the fresh bread I had just made. (Thank God I’d listened to the prompting in my heart to make it that morning.)

We drank some coffee and talked about the past – only the parts that could make us laugh. In this moment of multiple emotions in my mind, one thought surfaced clearly.

My words of correction, condescension, and criticism could help him no more than memories of my bread could help him when he became hungry the next day.

My only opportunity for sharing hope, Truth, and Love with this man were to show them to him: one conversation and one loaf of bread and one cup of coffee at a time. As Jesus would do.

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