My Boys and the Dogs

My Dog Day of Winter
My Dog Day of Winter
My little boys came running in a half hour ago screaming “Can we keep BOTH of them, Mama? Pleeeeeeease?”

Two dogs have wandered into our yard, looking like Mutt and Jeff.

One rolling over with its tongue lolling out like it finally found its home.

We called the number on the other one’s tag, and the owner will be coming to get them sometime soon – I hope.

Meanwhile – the dogs have been watered, fed ham, given pillows to lie about on and rubbed and scratched far too long for the bad runaway dogs they are.

But since my boys are also in dog heaven, I’ll let it slide.

I just hope they don’t think this is the doggie spa and come back on a regular basis.


The dogs are gone now. The boys nearly cried.

I, for one, am relieved.

Now to purge the lawn pillows they smeared with drool, hair, ticks and mud.

Which would be worse: no cushions or bleach-splotched brick and black striped ones?

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