Looking Back – 20 Practical Godly Mom Lessons

Looking BackI found this list today when going through old to-do lists.
It’s nice to look back (it’s dated 8.6.01) and see I’ve persevered in some of them.
Others, I still work on.

I hope you can find some ideas!

1. Stand tall (shoulders straight, tummy tight)
2. Breathe deeply, often
3. Drink LOTS of water
4. Eat fruits and vegetables any way I can get them
5. Don’t fret or worry
6. Choose happiness and contentment over anger or frustration
7. Get up one hour before everyone else in the house
8. Spend time along with Jesus before everything else
9. Spend time making myself lovely before everyone awakens
10. Chop, bag and freeze everything I can (produce, leftover chicken, broth, etc)
11. Plan clean and cheap meals
12. Shop with as many coupons as I can
13. Consider everything a luxury – and enjoy it
14. Trust God
15. Trust my husband (if I’m trusting God – this is easy)
16. Show my respect for my husband to others
17. Teach my children respect for God, Daddy, me, and others
18. Teach through play
19. Teach discipline through daily living (and my displaying it myself)
(This last one I always do. It makes the next day begin beautifully.)
20. End the night with all dishes, laundry, and rooms cleaned up – ready to start the day

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