Celebrating Christ in the Passover

Christ in the Passover

Monday night, as Passover began for millions of Jews, my family and my sister’s joined together to celebrate what Christ did on the cross.

I love to tell my children of what the Lord has done for us. And this time of year provides the perfect opportunity!

From the very beginning, God’s plan was for redemption.

Every year, I find a new way to tell of God’s provision for us through the Perfect Lamb. Not because I’m so creative, but because there are so many beautiful things to show them!

This year our two families came together in my sister’s living room for a quick prayer of blessing. We passed out three saltines and a clear plastic cup of juice to each family member. Here is what we discovered:

The Father
James told the story of the Passover as everyone ate the first saltine (representing the unleavened bread of the Israelites).

We learned that God the Father allowed the Angel of Death to “Pass Over” every firstborn Israelite whose family had sacrificed a “perfect lamb” and brushed its blood on the door posts of the house.

We drank the first cup – our Cup of Promise – in thankfulness for the sacrifice the lamb gave to save us from death, and give us a hope for the future.

The Son
David (my brother-in-law) told the story of the last supper as we ate the second saltine – noting the pierced surface and being reminded of Isaiah 53:5 which tells us of the wounds Christ received on our behalf.

We learned that Jesus Christ, God the Son, allowed His blood to be spilled for us, and that we are to remember what He did on the cross each time we observe The Lord’s Supper, or Communion.

We drank the second cup – our Cup of Redemption – as we remembered the price He paid for us.

This has replaced the command to observe Passover. (But we love to see the connections displayed through God’s plan!)

The Holy Spirit
Stephanie (my sweet sister) then asked everyone to remember something the Lord has done for them recently. In our family, this is not hard to do! He has done so much for us – especially in the last few months.

Everyone ate their third cracker (reminding us of the Bread of Life we have today in the form of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit’s help in understanding it) as we took turns telling of God’s work in our own lives.

As we drank the last cup – the Cup of Joy – we were reminded that Jesus will not enjoy “the fruit of the vine” until He comes back to take us home! Wine (the fruit of the vine) represents JOY all through the Bible. So He will have no joy until He is with us again. But we can be joy-filled in the waiting!

Thank you, Lord, for showing us Your Way, Your Word, and Your Will, as we are still before You. Thank You for all You have done, are doing, and will do in our lives!

Praise God! Christ is Risen! Amen?

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