What Do You Think You Look Like?

Women, how do you see yourself? What you know matters more than what you see. What God the Father sees is what counts. And He sees a perfect you. No ugliness. Not even your mistakes, failures, and sin. God sees only you – His perfect creation of joy and beauty.

This little video puts things into perspective.

Do you know how others see you? How God sees you?

This video shows us how women see themselves as less beautiful than others see them.
Stop looking at your imperfections and see the real beauty God put there. His creation!

If God is your heavenly Father, then He sees you without sin. Jesus paid for it to be washed away at the cross. If you are His, saved by His grace, then He looks at you in a way you cannot see yourself.

Ask the Lord to show you what you look like to Him today. And in the meantime, realize that others see you as far more beautiful than you see yourself.


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