Stop Worrying in 1 Easy Step

Patience is a Virtue

Charles Spurgeon explained God’s sovereign will (His plan) and Man’s free will are welded alongside one another like railroad tracks. They are each unique, and they are always following the same path.

RailRoad Tracks
God’s plan & Man’s free will run parallel like railroad tracks.

This shook my world. I work so hard to be on the right path and fear failing Him when I veer from it. But…
If I can’t screw up His plan…
If other’s bad choices won’t ruin my life…
If I can’t cause my life to shift irrevocably away from God…

If everything bad that happens to me and around me is already worked into His plan, then I am always where I am supposed to be.

If I am always where I am supposed to be, then I can walk happily and without fear. I can know that my life is never “ruined” by my own actions or by the actions of others.

I’ve heard many versions of this excuse, but the one that sticks out the most to me is this:
“I’m getting a divorce. Our marriage was a bad idea, and I wasn’t in God’s will at the time. I need to get back in God’s will.”

One sec…WHAAAAAAAT? Okay, so I have never done that out loud. And I’ve heard this excuse at least 5 times.

The thing is, no matter where you are, God has brought you to this place.

Not only that, but that place is designed for your good. If He came so that you might “have life and have it more abundantly” then the good He is working out for you is crazy-amazing and full of life.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

“All things” includes those done by evil, sickness, accidents and others’ decisions that affect your life.

He is not a God who is unaware. He has already worked your sin – and the sin of others against you – into His magnificent, creative and perfect plan.

This makes forgiving myself for my own stupid mistakes much easier. It also opens the door to forgiveness of others.

Instead of viewing life from a fighting stance – waiting to fight off the next thing that might mess up your plan, hurt you, keep you from doing good, change what you think is best for you – look at each happening with interest as it comes. Wonder: How will this work into God’s plan?

And it will.

Finally, most people I speak with are working to follow God, so this makes sense to them biblically and practically. But sometimes, I tell someone about this, and I watch them take on a hard, defensive stance.

Those who have no hope in God cannot understand this kind of peace in life or the ease we have in living through the hurts and dangers that come. These are the ones to whom you must show His love, mercy, grace and peace.

Be at peace. Show those who have no hope what it means to hope in God.

Let your light so shine before men that they can see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

May the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you. May you be filled with peace that passes all understanding. Because we serve a big, powerful, merciful, compassionate and gracious God. God. Our heavenly Father. Relax into His loving embrace right now.


  1. I have a parallel (haha) idea:
    No matter where we are in this life, no matter how worthless or hopeless we may feel, God never gives up on us.

    No matter how many times we fall, fail, and make mistakes, …to our last breath, God can turn our lives around. He can use even our mistakes to work His good will.

    I remember Joseph’s brothers and how God worked in Joseph’s life, even through their cruelty. His brothers sold him into slavery, yet God used even their mistakes to save the lives of thousands, including their own family.

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