Where Were You on September 11, 2001?

1186103_723220117705134_2090778519_nMy mother-in-law called and asked me to turn on the television. She could not get James on the phone and this was urgent.

I did. And my mouth dropped in disbelief as I saw smoke pouring from one of the World Trade Center Towers. I don’t know which one.

But as I watched, a plane flew near.

I thought it might be far away. Whether the angle made it appear further away or the thought of it aiming for the second tower seemed too far-fetched, I do not know.

But it was aiming for the second tower. And I watched it hit along with all the other Americans who had just turned on the television.

We had become so comfortable in our happy America. The cold war was over. A new generation (my own) was just growing into the world of responsibility with jobs and children and mortgages.

No experience with real evil such as this had come to our door.

At the time, we saw flags begin to fly. Bible verses were quoted by politicians once again. Communities rallied in defense of one another and our way of life.

Where are we now? Do we remember that evil is always plotting? Have we become comfortable once again?

Don’t forget. Never forget. Your actions matter. Your words matter. Your children, your family matters. Take the time today to set all your boundaries back in order.

God first, Family and Country second. Keep your eyes, your mind and your heart on the Truth.

Never forget what happens…when we become too comfortable.

– Cindi Runyon

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