Studying the Bible

Studying the Bible

One of the most important tasks

any Christian can undertake is to study the Bible. God’s Word is God breathed and reveals His heart for humanity yet so many never open the most shoplifted or purchased yet least read book in history.

It is no surprise why so many families are broken, lives are wasted and futures are dashed.

The only way to read the Bible is to just pick it up and read it. But a few techniques can make the your study more effective and beneficial.

Engage the brain. Take notes over the reading. This practice forms a spatial relationship with the information and helps to make connections within the intellect. This also allows for the sorting of the material.

Create flash cards. These small pieces of paper promote active recall. They help with memorization and repetition. Also, and probably more importantly, a flash card is portable and low tech. No need for batteries, a carrying case, or the computer or pad itself.

Make a personal connection. Rewrite the passage of the Bible. This is a method of summarization and helps to lock in the information within the memory. Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it enough.” By rewriting the information it takes the complexities of God and brings it down to the understanding of man.

Use a memory builder. Mnemonics can help to solidify the information read in the Bible. How many have used Roy G. Biv to memorize the colors of the rainbow? Acronyms, songs, and sentences like, “Every Good Boy Does Fine” which helps to learn the lines of the treble clef can help to memorize the life-changing information in the Bible.

Plan your study time. It’s proven that small bursts of study are better than hours at a time. It is also important to read God’s word when fresh and not tired and emotionally drained from the troubles of the day.

However God’s Word is studied, the Bible must be taken from the shelf, opened and read so its message can change your life.


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